Saturday, October 24, 2009

Obama declares swine flu a national "emergency"

One of the play on the cross country government induced attempt at a panic is Cross Country Healthcare Inc (CCRN 8.99).

CCRN provides healthcare staffing services in the US. The company has been inundated with requests from hospitals for nurses and Doctor's. When business slowed down, many of the traveling nurses and Doctors took permanent jobs. CCRN laid people off, and now their "productivty" miracle starts as the understaffed company tries to meet the overwhelming demand for their services.

The national emergency means money will be freed up from the Government. Rules will be modified so flu tent cities can pop up in hospital parking lots; and these tent cities need to be staffed.

CCRN will report earnings on November 2. I think forward guidance should be materially improved, and I think this little number could be the second derivative play on the swine flu "emergency."

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