Friday, September 4, 2009

What Mars looks like

An embryo shaped polar Ice cap, the Hydrae Chasma, some dunes, and the Victoria and Richardson craters, and in the last picture, you'll find a bear, spotted on June 16, showing that Mars is now a more hospitable climate for those of the ursine persuasion than earth.

And it looks like the bears on Mars are better market timers than their brethren here on Earth!

And the embryo at the top of the page?

It's that of a bull, of course!

Images available at U. of Arizona HiRise.

And if I can find the bull and bear on Mars, then I should surely be able to find gold in Colombia!

Which means you should recheck this post once again.


Anonymous said...

What should I do with FACT....down about $2 since you touted and I bought.


Palmoni said...

I was going to do a piece on FACT--the price here is just ridiculous. Hold it

Anonymous said...

Thanks P when do you plan to do that piece? And is it worth buying more right now?

Anonymous said...

They are being bought....was mid air and couldn't buy more..u think they will accept the 14.5 bid?

Palmoni said...

$14.50 is too cheap. I'll put up a post!