Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's get this party started!!!

Remember this video at the end of May?

And this commentary?

Here's the conversion of the mutual fund managers to the bull market, much to the chagrin of the intellectual head fund managers that remain short. Do these guys really think that everyone will remain on the sidelines, just because they're short?

At first, the bears just laughed at those who danced with the bull.

Who's laughing now?
What was the song? "I got to be unstoppable!"

Let me repeat myself.

Who's laughing now?

And now the bulls are dancing over the pre-Halloween graves of the shorts!

ht to LongShort!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love how there is a blow horn towards the end of the video, hah!!!

I should attempt this at my college and see if I get the same reaction... or become an outkast in the process :)

palmoni said...

Haha!!! Ain't that the truth!!!

Anonymous said...


You were the only bull on the internet that has called this rally to perfection! Awesome job. Thanks for the great picks.

Anonymous said...

i agree...wish i found you earlier...lost 15k and had to start over with $2k

Anonymous said...

Just awesome. Nice work Mr. Manna.

Taking some of these lvs & mgm wins and heading to Vegas!