Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brett Favre "lessons"

I know relating sports to business is considered hokey, but any 40 year old that takes the hits that Favre does, is good in my book. And did anyone remember this block where Brett laid out Patrick Willis 52 of the 49ers? Check out that play! And look at Willis. He gave Favre a hand helping him up. That's sportsmanship!

No-one seemed to pick up on that play. Maybe the press was too concerned about the crackback block that Brett inadvertently threw the week before.

Annyway, the following is from from the What would Dad Do guy.

Did you see the Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers game on Sunday?

Brett Favre, nearly 40, threw the game-winning touchdown pass with two seconds left on the clock.

Here are some observations:

1. You can’t beat experience when time is running out. In other words, when business gets tough at your company, you might want to rely on those older workers to get you into the end zone.

2. Passion is contagious. I’m thinking no one in the huddle was wondering if Brett was "engaged" in the task at hand. Are your leaders sufficiently engaged?

3. We all still love our humble heroes in moments of glory. Humility is a character trait of most true leaders.

4. Success lessens the pain. If you watched the game, you know that Brett took some hits. At an age when many of us can barely walk after raking the leaves, he was getting hit by men the size of locomotives. I’m thinking he still felt good on Monday morning.

5. “Prove it” is something we have to do, every day. Here is a future Hall of Famer, at the end of his career, and he still had to prove he could do the job. All of us should approach our own work with such an attitude.

The next game for Brett Favre is against the Green Bay Packers on Monday night. I am going to the game--and I am bringing earplugs.


Anonymous said...

He's a pro and he's a player. I remained a big fan after I left WI, but also after he left WI. Hard to know who to root for next week, as sacrilegious as that would sound to a pack fan.

Thanks for the posts and clips...

Palmoni said...

You are telling me!!! Will be a great game though with plenty of hype!