Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revisiting Gannett

I touted GCI last week, but then some joker on Wall Street bought 35,000 puts on the name, and then picked up that news, as though "somebody knew something."


Did anyone notice how people have said that advertising is picking up?

So I'll put this post out since John Najarian is on CNBC right now.

But why don't these touts just go over to Google Finance, and look at advertising trends?

I mean, didn't they advertise their 35,000 puts bought on GCI?

So what's happening to advertising?

So let me advertise something for these bears.

Sport tips are better than stock tips, even though the above headline accurately reflects this blog.

So go ahead, and take a look at what is happening to advertising. Click here.

See that chart? Why are advertising trends going through the roof?

Doesn't that mean that things are improving?

What is that? A first, a second or a third derivative change?

And that, my friends, is more than what the put buyers will have.

Because they won't even be left with pocket change!


Anonymous said...

where do you see GCI heading?

Palmoni said...

12ish short term, and then 17

Anonymous said...

Pal, would it be better to wait for a dip as the market has just notched a 5th straight gain.
also, which call options do you recommend, the Oct, Jan? strike price 12 or 17?
Sorry, very new at this, id like to take a small position to try one of yours calls. Thanks alot m8.

Palmoni said...

Look at the October 9s at .70. If the stock rallies to 12 by expiration, you have a quadruple.

I think it moves now.

If you spec, do it with money you expect to lose, only use a small amount of risk capital.