Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RIMM is ridiculous at these prices

Research in Motion got slammed after their earnings; helped by Goldman cutting their target to 73 from 96.

At under 68, the price on RIMM is totally ridiculous.

It's as ridiculous as when it was under $40 in March.

A give away price.


Anonymous said...

I agree that RIMM is being given away when you consider the long term growth in the smartphone industry.

I am just shocked how the markets are valuing PALM. These guys haven't made money yet but they are priced in for ridiculous growth!

Anonymous said...

why is RIMM considered low? another blogger called the RIMM fall for their earnings...margins erroding , etc....

Palmoni said...

ASP average selling price had gone down, so tey made a big deal out of it.

Next quarter they should beat and the stock should be 30% higher

Anonymous said...

are options ok for this play? or do you prefer actually taking a position? if options are ok, what do you think about the nov 70 calls? thanks

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, what do you think of DPTR?
its been crushed lately, but appears to be bottoming (i think).. i like the price, but will not proceed without your blessing.. Would appreciate your thoughts on this.


palmoni said...

I've been watching DPTR and trying to get some info on the well drilling program. The stock does look like it is starting to stick here, so hopefully we can find a prudent businessman risk/reward about the drilling situation.

That being said, I have some that I'm sitting at from higher prices obviously, but I only average down once--as soon as I get something I'll post it.

On RIMM I know the 70s aren't that expensive for Nov but I would probably go out a few more months so you get the next earnings play

Anonymous said...

I notice you have quite a few permabear blogs on your list. Interesting that you want to see the other side rather than stay within the groupthink of a particular side. Good move. Support groups are bad since they don't offer any real counterpoints to someones views of whatever the group is about.

Anonymous said...

as ridiculous as your buy recomendation two weeks before.seriously dude, why one should buy RIMM close to the HOY of year on SPY? in case we will go up a bit further, than i understand your call, but R-R isnt on your side - maybe FEd will need to throw another trillion of debt to protect equities so they can march further and so RIMM can go higher...but who is going to repay the debt from this situation?

Palmoni said...

RIMM bagged me, as I sold some puts on this number before earnings, but I'll just sit tight and I'll be ok. And quite frankly, the day before earnings, they tipped this stock down with the rumor of the secondary.

So I sold my stock and sold some 80 puts thinking that was the safe play, so I'm scrambling to get even, but at these prices it is ridiculous.

RIMM's price has no relation to the SPY. Who cares if the SPY is at the highs? Only bears. RIMM is at 14X earnings, and what are people going to buy? The NAZ is almost up 40%.

I remember when I bought X at 36. The stock went down to 31, and I was reminded of the play every day. And then it ran to 50.

I ssid GOOG would get to 500 in July--It took a couple months later for that to happen as Wall Street never appreciated the earnings leverage on that number. It's the same with RIMM.

The stock is absolutely being given away right here. In this case, the market pricing is wrong. Unlike the bears, who say the market pricing on the whole S&P is wrong!

Anonymous said...

"RIMM's price has no relation to the SPY."

my idea rather was, that we were/are closed to the big pullback. with pullback, market wont care about valuations, it will dump everything.
of course in case of rally, RIMM is one the better buys.

Anonymous said...

RIMM is just getting more and more ridiculous everyday here.