Monday, September 21, 2009

Bill Gross: It's a Barney Fife market

Now that PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian is in hiding, it was Bill Gross' turn to take the mantle and wax on CNBC this morning on why the stock market should go down. And since El-Erian's sugar highs and brick walls didn't seem to stop the market advance, Bill Gross came up with another idea.

He said it was just a "Barney Fife" market.

Maybe he should heed his own advice.

Just hold your nose and buy!

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Anonymous said...

I really do hope your right about the economy growing huge in '10. Bears see the lack of a housing/credit bubble as the main obstacle to any growth. After all, the '03 - '08 economy was built on the housing/credit bubble and we won't see these wild ninja type loans anymore. So the country will have to boom based on grunt work earning those dollars by the sweat of their brows. Bears doubt that will happen. But we can hope the bulls are fight in following the standard recession playbook step by step because thats what always least in every recession post war.