Monday, September 21, 2009

The coral reef man

Lin Tianzhuan, the human coral reef, after a year of operations and treatments has now been "cured."

And you thought Michael Jackson's legs were bad?


Anonymous said...

What just happened to DPTR?

Anonymous said...

DPTR bad gas results...

Palmoni - any advice?

Palmoni said...

This basin claimed Encana and Royal Dutch previously but I thought the massive gas formation in the Roslyn tight sands were at 14000 feet. I see they went down to 12280 feet.

I have to get back on this but its obviously a disappointment.

Probably why everyone always wants a partner to drill here.

I'm going to hold it until I get more information

Anonymous said...

Palmoni, please let us know when you sell or get more info. Thanks

Anonymous said...

btw...thanks for getting back to me about dptr...thanks for your touts...although this one didn't go as plan we all take the risk in buying.

i decided to let it go and put the money in GCI hoping to recoupe some losses.

keep up the great blog!

Palmoni said...

The news was a disappointment. But they raised $240 million in the stock offering, they got $60 million back from the Fed's, and the IRS still owes them $90 million which is on appeal.

But that wasn't my bet. I thought they would of had good gas results.

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