Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goldman's upgrade of UTX

Goldman upgraded UTX today and gave it a target of 77.

Where was Goldman in late July, when UTX pulled back into the low 52 range. Why didn't they tout UTX then?

Probably because you have to pay for Goldman's advice!

Unlike here, when the high frequency traders were all over UTX, knocking it down, and all of Wall Street was complaining about these liquidity providers, Wall Street Manna had the UTX story here:

Spreads are so tight with these algorithms, that you don't need bid against the machines. You can pick your entry points, when the machines exaggerate the moves downward, or sell when they exaggerate the moves upward. So pick their pocket, or otherwise let them pick yours! Heck, one company that did report, that they have now taken down, is United Technologies (UTX 52.23). Long term buyers should be all over this number right here, when these programs are trying to smoke out the stock. This stock really isn't the kind I buy, but these mutual fund that keep getting their pocket picked, should take stock down here, now, and in size. Take it when they are giving it to you! This HFT game is no different than anything else.

So now that this sleepy number has moved up 20% to 61.24, Goldman, with their highly paid analysts now see something in the stock they like!

But what made my call difficult at 52?


So why couldn't Goldman tout it at 52?

Probably because they were the SLP's driving the price down!

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