Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dance of Death

This is a chapel in France that has the "Dance of Death" fresco, the "great leveller" and I thought it would be appropriate today, since the bears are already declaring the end of this bull market, and praying for things to get worse.

Isn't that ironic? They proclaim the end of the bull, when just last week, it was a "bear market" rally!

Now if you don't want to go to France to see the fresco, you could always go up to the place I hibernate in the backwoods, whenever the market throws its bearish tantrums, and pull out Holbein's book, "Dance of Death" and check out the woodcuts.

And since the S&P moved 666% after the crash in '87, to 2000, and since this market bottomed at 666, and 666.666 x 666.666 =S&P 4,444 I thought it would be nice to remind the bears of woodcut XLIV (44), in the Dance of Death which is "The Robber."

"While he is about to plunder a poor market-woman of her property, Death comes behind and lays violent hands on him."

The Bear has already been slain! They are already on their grave! These folks still looking for the bear, remind me of the Israelites complaining to Moses about food after the Pharaoh was thrown into the Red Sea. So instead of Egyptian garlic and leeks, they got manna from heaven.

They needed to be proved.

It's the same with this market.

It just needs to test the bulls; but it isn't anything more than that. Because this still is an unblemished bull!

And for those that don't buy the Red Sea story, you can be content with this.

Blood falls in Antarctica. But this water is from the Ross Sea.

The red color comes from iron.

I wonder what the chariot wheels were made from?

Just before they fell off?


Anonymous said...

Hey what's your reaction to the move in gold and silver today? The miners were flying today, but sadly MGOL isn't getting any loving yet!

Palmoni said...

See above! MGOL will soon be getting some love!