Friday, October 16, 2009

Why bother?

Reel life:

Real life:

Why bother?

Wall Street has reel life and real life also. That was March 17--when you were supposed to be having fun. But then, no one was. Now the reel life heroine, switched back again to the dark side, just a few days ago. She needed her 34% in Goldman to tout. And to take her Goldman sell story off the Internet for "copyright" infringement!

Heck I touted CNO at 5. It closed yesterday at 6.85. Do I get credit for the 34+% gain? Who needs that math?  But why bother? This week I had a triple on my Visa October calls, and a double on the November Mastercard's as advertised. Who needs to fluff returns?

But if you were in stocks, and you sufferered through the meltdown, and now you are back to even--How are you feeling today? With CNBC ceerleading?

Sort of like Hiram Monserrate ?

Which is why this post should get some press today.

It's time for a do-over for those who don't have the stomache to know the difference from real and reel!

Why bother? Only Ms. Dixon has the answer to that!

But on Wall Street, it may be because the prices are real, even if the story is reel!


Anonymous said...

How much higher can CNO go?

Palmoni said...

probably runs in a little resistance a dollar higher--a least that's what the charts show

Anonymous said...

I hate " long term " in market speak. The problem with long term is I will be dead. Tell that to japanese investors in 1990. If he put 100 k into the market and left it for his retirement, 19 YEARS later its not only not 100 k but more like 27 k. Some long term return, eh? Markets can have long streches between moves and its not unusual what thew japan investor experienced. Just like the 1966 U.S. guy who bought then and in 1980 had made exactly 1.00.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct Anonymous 4:12. That's exactly what I think.