Monday, October 5, 2009

Pack vs. the Vikes

Cheer for Brett but take the points, and a prop bet with Peterson over 110 1/2 yards rushing as your hedge!

And in honor of "100% Cheese-Free" Syd Davy going absolutely nuts, you can buy the railroads!

Because in this market, whenever you see a roll-over happening on the charts, it doesn't!


Anonymous said...

So true. Hard to be short this mkt.

Anonymous said...

Farve is throwing darts Min is fired up, hope you have a few call options on tonight's game Mr. Manna!

Palmoni said...

WOW!!!!! What a game!! I had played my heart out on FAVRE with every combo on the board!!!

Come on, it was the fourth game of the 40th season with number 4 turning 40!


I just can't take the action!!

Oh my!!!! Both QBs crushed the prop bets!

Great game, and great action! I'm still groggy this morning!