Saturday, October 17, 2009

Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying out on policies

Michelle's Barber ex husband is serving four years in the big house, for lighting fire to her house in February of 2007.

The woman lost everything she had in the blaze.

The insurance company paid her $375,000 so she could get a new house.

Now the insurance company Aviva wants the money back. It seems she had a a £150 fine in 2002, and now the insurance company is looking to void the contract. The insurance company said:

"As we consider that Miss Barber's non-disclosure involved a material fact that was deliberately withheld, we have voided the policy from its inception."

Welcome to insurance hell!

But what is Aviva's "touchy-feely" mission statement?

Our three-letter mission statement: You

In a world of “me first” thinking, we’re putting our customers at the center of everything we do so that we can better understand your unique needs—and deliver on them. If this doesn’t sound like a life insurance company, then we’re already succeeding.

You know where she should tell them to go!

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Anonymous said...

Health insurance can be even worse. So you failed to disclose the case of dandruff you had back in '89. Insurance claims you omitted pertenent info and now refuse to pay your colon cancer claim saying the policy is null and void back from the day you started. Never mind that you paid for 12 years strait. Happened to a friend but in that case, the co graciously offered to refund all payments to date. He did not cash the check. Did win in court but it took 2 years.