Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CRM's for Wall Street

Cost cutting
Revenue growth
Margin Expansion

Throw in the BRIC's and you now have your market soundbites for your salesforce.

And speaking of CRM, anyone check the PE on that number? That's coming next! PE expansion! Oh my. More CRAP from the bulls!

Cost cutting
Revenue growth
P.E. and margin expansion!

Does anybody think the bears will need a stool check then? Or maybe some apricot brandy for the bears?

That's the new ABCs for the shorts. Since they didn't want to listen to my Sesame Street post!!!

Now the market building blocks are made from LEGO.

Since the lega have already fallen off the bear's stool!

And they are really screwed!

As advertised!!!! BWAH!!!

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