Thursday, October 15, 2009

CNBC busts out the cheerleaders


They bring them out now?


At 550?

Where were they 200 points ago? 170 points ago? 150 points ago? 100 points ago? Even 50 points ago?

If you want to play on Sunday, there's a difference between the college and the pros.

But I suppose it doesn't matter if you are just going to cheerlead!

At least GOOG was touted here, and here, 170 points ago. But I just find it nauseating to see CNBC cheerlead the stock when the play was so obvious.

Now they act like they are telling us something new!

And then, some joker was on CNBC saying that GOOG wasn't expensive because it wasn't selling at 30X earnings!

Where was he at 300? Hiding?

And how about Maria Bartiroma? She's back to panting on the air with excitement!

I sorry, but I'll stick to the cheerleaders on the sidelines, and not the ones that stayed on the sidelines when they should of been cheering, who now want to get in the game!


Anonymous said...

Are you sticking to your year end target of 1120? or do you think we go higher?


Anonymous said...

I approve of these pictures... keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

jen steger...fsu cow girls a few years back

Palmoni said...

I'm staying with 1120.