Sunday, October 11, 2009

A.O. Smith on deck for earnings Friday

AO Smith(AOS 41.94) recently spent $77 million to buy Tianlong Holding Ltd in Hong Kong; the company filters water for homes and small businesses, and the water in China is dirty.

In India, they are building a water heater plant in Bangalore.

The company reports earnings on the 16th.

In July AOS beat earnings and the stock traded up $3.46 to 39.

Look for a repeat of this on Friday, as Wall Street looks to this number as a green play on BRIC countries, and a play on a better housing market.

It's another company that will spatially separate those short this name from their money!

Look at the action in Flowserve-It's now over $100. Wait. Wasn't that advertised here? And touted to $100 here? And here?

It's the same here. AOS should be a good play on water going into earnings.

$45 by Friday.

And a nice profit on AOS may take the sting out that Wisconites are suffering after the shellacking the Badgers got by Ohio State!

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