Thursday, September 3, 2009

So much for the correction!!

The Russell closes up $6.66 to 562.49.

What did you expect in the 666 "market of the beast?"


arnoldsimage said...

you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Man gold and silver prices are on a tear again. Either some firm screwed up with shorting the paper or someone is moving into these things for a reason.

Can't believe a company like RBY which has a fraction of MGOL's gold is trading at a $700 million dollar market cap! Does Paul Dias really own 80% of the shares? If that's true then he probably wants to get the word out soon! Anyways I added more to my position since this may become a bonanza! :P

palmoni said...
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palmoni said...

As far as getting the word out, it will come. I've noticed that the company now has three or four new market makers in it, and the spread in the stock is starting to shrink, so it makes me think that some people are starting to take a good look at the company.

I think MGOL's market cap will eventually bury RBY's--so you're in the right number.

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