Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blankfein's b*tchy wife

A few days ago, we heard how Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein asked their employees to not make any big-ticket purchases, because it was a "sensitive time" for the Investment bank.

It looks like Lloyd can control his employees but he can't control his wife, who it appears, needs to have some sensitivity training, as she thinks that the money that Goldman stole from the taxpayer, makes them, in the eyes of the masses, better people.

It seems that Mrs. Blankfein was at a designer clothing sale in the Hampton's, and she got all "obnoxious" because, according to page Six of the NY Post:

Laura Blankfein and her friend Susan Friedman, wife of another Goldman honcho, Richard Friedman, caused a huge scene at Super Saturday in the Hamptons last weekend when they arrived at the event before the noon start time and balked at waiting in line with the other ticket-holders.

“Their behavior was obnoxious. They were screaming,” said one witness. Blankfein said she wouldn’t wait with “people who spend less money than me.”