Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tudor claims that this is a bear market rally

Come on Tudor--you guys read this blog--a "bear market rally?"

Get real!

That is just plain stupid.

And how can you say this?

“Impressive counter-trend rallies are a feature, not an oddity, of secular bear markets. We are not inclined to aggressively chase the market here. Rather, we eye a better opportunity to be long equities into year-end on a potential autumnal pullback.”

What's the chance of that happening?


A pull back to 666?

No chance in hell of that happening.

Say it like it is.

We sold out at 850, and desperately need this market to come in!

And to pullback to 850?

No chance in hell of that happening either!

And to pullback to 930?

No chance in hell of that happening either!

Because in hell, you don't get a second chance!

And not even a snowball's chance!

Because we already had that story!

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