Monday, August 24, 2009

Karl D. is p*ssed!

Anyone read Denninger's take on Goldman's anal-gate today?

Boy was he steamed!!


Anonymous said...

Man that was one epic rant by this person. I just wonder, do Goldman and other institutions really add any value to this country? They must or they shouldn't be around...

It seems all this anger people are expressing must be the people that lost a substantial amount of money in the past 14 months. I think when people starting praising Goldman, that is your sign that we hit a top, haha.

Palmoni said...

Heh--It's fun to pick on Goldman because they are making the most money--the people are smart but it's how Goldman always is able to bend the rules, and get away with it, which makes them such an irritant to most bloggers!

But we can't deny that they aren't a powerhouse.

Wouldn't that be rich though? I think you found the new indicator!