Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The original "Google" tip

Today is the 5th anniversary of Google's IPO, and yesterday we heard how Cooper at was picking stocks using lunar cycles, using this logic:

The great unwinding in 1987 began on a lunar eclipse on October 7. We just had a lunar eclipse on August 4th. The crash in 1987 occurred apx 6 months from a low preceding a persistently aggressive rally. We had a low in March followed by the most persistently aggressive rally in 70 years. September will be 6 months from low. It is interesting that the 27th trading day from the August 7th peak (so far) is September 15th, the anniversary of the day the market came unglued in 2008 when Lehman Brothers failed. The 27/28th day from late August high in 1987 was early the lunar eclipse when the crash commenced.

So in that vein, I decided to give Cooper some competition, and show him, an even more creative way to pick stocks; especially since it is the 5th anniversary of the Google IPO. And since Google's founders are athiests, and strict believers in chance, I thought I would throw this story out at them again, on the 5th anniversary of their IPO, since the folks at GOOG don't recognize the hand of providence, but only the hand of chance.

But it's up to you to debate the seriousness of this piece.

Here is what the NY Times had to say about the GOOG IPO:

Only time will tell if the company can fend off efforts by Yahoo and Microsoft to build superior search engines.

The NY Times thought that GOOG's valuation then, of $27 billion was "bubbly." It's valuation today? $140 billion.

Obviously, the NY Times missed the IPO buy.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a code that would tell you to buy GOOG?

You can have it, but you need to get out your red Kabbalah string--or borrow one from Madonna's closet!

Because people likes to "say" that you can find hidden codes, but no-one likes how the code turns up. Or the explanation.

The GOOG code starts with Genesis 1:1:

"In the beginning G-d created the heaven and the earth." You can see it above. But Hebrew letters, also stand for numbers. So let's just change the letters into numbers, and get to work. After all, isn't math it's own language?

Here's your Hebrew letter to number conversion chart.

As you can see the seven words of Genesis 1:1 convert into the following seven words, with the following values, as it's portrayed above.

(1) In the beginning=913
(5)the heaven=395
(6) and=407
(7) the earth=296

2701 is the numerical equivalent of Genesis 1:1. Check out Hydrogen, the building block of life, and you'll see where that number comes into play.

Let's do some simple math:

Add the number value of the words.
The first and third word=913+86=999
=(In the beginning G-d)

The third, fifth and sixth word=86+395+407=888
=(G-d, and, the heaven)

The third, fifth and seventh word=86+395+296=777
=(G-d, the heaven, the earth)

Wait---where's 666 you may ask? The number, 2701, is the 73rd triangular number; and if I created that triangle with 2701 pennies, the outside row of pennies would number 216. Which is 6x6x6!

OK--I know I'm pushing it, but does anybody else question the stock market cycles that these astronomers come up with? And how is their track record? Was it anything close to this?

But I do want you to at least think and question the suppositions.

Now add the numbers of the seven words in Genesis 1:1.

The prime factors of 2701 are 37 and 73. Thus 37x73=2701

Thus we need to make this assumption:

In it's simplest form, creation can be numerically represented by 37x73.

Now if we take 2701, and reverse it we have 1072.
Now add them together.

Now 3.333333333 cubed=37.037037
and 9.999999999 cubed=999.99999
and the number of the earth, the 7th word in Genesis 1:1 adds to 296,
and 6.666666666 cubed=296.296296,
and the earth revolves around the sun in space at 66,666 miles per hour,
and the S&P bottomed at 666
and man was created on the 6th day
and 37.037037 +296.29629=333.333333.

Issac Asimov said, that if G-d had wanted to prove himself, he would of put pi in the Bible, as the two most important numbers in our universe are probably pi and e, the mathematical constant.

But pi is found in the first verse. You just have to do the math.

Just multiply the value of the letters that make up Genesis 1:1 x the number of the letters (28) divided by the value of the individual words multiplied (x) the number (7) of words, and you have pi.

Here it is:
x400x10x300 x1x200x2x28 (the letters value of Gen 1:1 multiplied x28).

Divide this by
296x407x395x401x86x203x213x7 (the 7 word values multiplied x 7) and you get
=3.1415x10^17 or pi.

So the creation, of Genesis 1:1, in it's simplest form, adds to 2701, which can be expressed by it's prime factors 37x73.

Issac Asminov said he couldn't find pi in the Bible. He forgot to read the first verse.

Asminov did tell us though that the earth was 4.45 billion years old and the Universe was 13.7 billion years old. "In the beginning" adds to 913. And the "earth" is 296. 296/913=.3242. So if I take 13.7 billion, the age of the universe x .3242 I get 4.44 billion, the age of the earth. He didn't find pi, but he got some other things right!

Now we know that the earth was created by "wisdom."

"The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding he hath established the heavens." Proverbs 3:19

Above is "wisdom" and once again our chart:

Here's a table of Hebrew letters, and their numerical equivalents. Creation is defined, numerically in Genesis 1:1, as the prime factors of 2701, which is 37x73. Biblically, we read that "the world was created by wisdom."

Wisdom in Hebrew is he mem kaph cheth, with numerical values of 8, 20, 40, and 5. 8+20+40+5=73. Now he, is the 8th letter, mem is the 11th, kaph is the 13th, and cheth is the 5th. 8+11+13+5=37.

So wisdom, has an ordinal value of 37, and a numerical value of 73. And creation, defined as 2701, factors to 37x73, equals the ordinal and numerical values of wisdom.

So when it says, "the world was created by wisdom," it is also represented numerically by the same 37 and 73 which are the prime factors that defines Genesis 1:1, of the most read verse of the bible.

Here's the man who named "Googol" Google. Andy Betchtolsheim, was approached by Sergey and Larry, who told him about their magic search engine that they had named "Googol." Andy was in a hurry, and wrote a check to them for $100,000 and made it out to "Google, Inc." He bought into the company, and he didn't even need to see a business plan. Nine months later a VC gave them $25 million.

So think about it for a second. Larry and Serge, with a check for 100K, being college kids, and not having company documents--are you going to ask the guy that gave you the check (especially in a hurry “what if he changes his mind??) to cut you another one? No it will sit in the desk drawer for the next couple of weeks til you get the paperwork done, for your new company called “Google.” Now since Google is so successful, it is better to portray it as just a misspelling--- in a hurry--- of brilliant geniuses forming a company-but here's the story behind the name.

Now how was Googol named? A mathematician, Professor Edward Kasner of Columbia University asked his 9 year old nephew, Milton Sirota, what would be a name of a number with 100 zeros. The 9 year old said googol--and the name stuck--the name stuck for the number that is larger than all the “known” space in the universe, even broken down to the smallest particle known, named by a 9 year old kid.

But now Googol is renamed Google, by more fortuitous events. But with e.

One of the most important irrational numbers in math is e, the mathematical constant. It was so important to Google, that when they filed their offering documents, the decided to raise e!

It is defined as e=limn->(1+1/n)n, it's the base of the natural logarithm, and next to pi, it's the most important constant in mathematics: 2.71828


Washington, D.C. 20549






The Securities Act of 1933


(Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter)

Proposed Maximum

Aggregate Offering

Price (1)(2)

$ 2,718,281,828

In Genesis 1:1, we find the most important mathematical expression, pi, when we convert the letters to the numbers as I have shown. Now the most famous verse in the New Testament, next to John 3:16, is John 1:1. In John 1:1, which also talks about creation, by converting the letters and the numbers with the same technique, we get the mathematical constant, e, of which Google filed to raise when they went public.

The above is John 1:1. The numbers work in Hebrew and in Greek, of which the Bible was written in the Old and New Testament. The creative agent of creation was the "word" or logos, as it is written Greek, and it adds to 373. In Genesis 1:1, Creation is defined in numbers as 2701, which has it's prime factors of 37x73. 2701 reversed and added gives you 3773. Why the palindrome? The palindrome DNA in your body assures you of your uniqueness. It's the same here, but it's simpler if you convert it to numbers. The world was created by wisdom, and wisdom in Hebrew in ordinal numbers adds to 37, and in the letters they represent adds to 73.

Now if I take the letters in John 1:1, and (multiply them together x the number of the letters), and then divide that by the (words multiplied x the number of the words), you get, e, the mathematical constant=2.718 x 10^40. In Genesis 1:1 we get pi; in John 1:1 we get e, the two most important numbers in math.

Here's that math:

The number that represents Google, then is e. But Google had a name change, from Googol, thanks to the check from Andy. The difference? The letter e. And googol, also was named rather fortuitously, by a nine year old. The difference in the Google name? It is the e, and this difference, is what screamed out to buy the stock. Because the shift of the e, changed the numbers on the company Google, for those who understand "those numbers."

Why is that important? Because if it's important enough to change the name of the company, then the company, will obviously be important enough to change the way we do business.

And if it's important enough to change the way we do business, it's important enough for you to buy. And Google, unlike most IPO's was open to anyone with the money.

It was the one time that Wall Street didn't have an advantage over the public!

The thesis is that certain numbers are reserved to represent certain things. Remember Googol originally represented eternity. 1 with the 100 zeros.

Let's convert GOOGOL's English letters to their Greek equivalents. After all, we found e, in John 1:1, and it was written in Greek.

gamma has a value of 3
omicron has a value of 70
lambda has avalue of 30
epsilon has a value of 5

GOOGOL thus would be this:

3 70 70 3 70 30

Googol was properly named to represent eternity. That's why it took a nine year old to do it. But these numbers are reserved for the "wisdom" of God's creation, not Google's.

But now we have GOOGLE:

3 70 70 3 70 5

What's with the 5? It screws up the code.

The e prevents Google from getting the numbers reserved for creation; and now the word Google, displaces Googol, which has the numbers, into the dustbin of history.

And isn't it ironic that Google's "number" is e, which they couldn't get? And it's also the number that was the clue that this would be a great stock. How is that? It was in the IPO! But instead of pricing the stock at 93; the price had to be cut to 85. (John 1:1 adds to 3627=39x93) GOOG couldn't get the number of the sun (93 million miles away) or e. Probably because the Son was the word-logos-373!

So the check with the misspelled word? Maybe it wasn't fortuitous chance. And somewhere down the line, when Google decided to change their name from "Backrub" to Google, it was an Abram to Abraham moment.

But Google had it's revenge. What's it's symbol? GOOG. Gamma omicron, omicron gamma.

Convert those to numbers and you have 3 70 70 3.

And a story that's at least as reasonable has Cooper's lunar models!

And maybe more interesting!

Especially on GOOG's 5th anniversary of their IPO!


Anonymous said...

goog was added to Goldman's conviction buy list this morning

Anonymous said...

LoL, I really enjoyed reading this article. How in this world do you come up with the things you write?!

Palmoni said...

I'm glad you liked it...but it's easy when you have six voices in your head speaking at the same time! lol

and in some way it is a withering critiscm of Wall Street models that they foster on the public, where they use data mining, after the fact, and pretend they are useful predictive indicators of the future

Anonymous said...

one of the greatest stories ever for sheer entertainment value!

i know this is a crazy question but did you ever find any codes for stocks?

and i'm being serious about that or maybe you don't want to say in a public forum because i don't think you would find many believers in it

palmoni said...

let's see...

If it's yes, I can't tell the answer in a public forum, because no-one will believe it, but yet you want to know if I have any codes--hah!

all kidding aside the answer is yes