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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paulson's regional bank holdings

Just a reminder:

Paulson also owns 35 million shares of Regions Financial (RF), and 12 million shares of Marshall and Illsley, (MI), 1.5 million shares of Sun Trust (STI) and 5 million shares of Fith Third (FITB) stocks also trumpeted on this blog.


Anonymous said...

what's keeping hban down?

Anonymous said...

O great one. I salute thee for your brilliant calls on the stocks that I missed. BUT what do I do with the dec 7.5 calls of APWR?

Anonymous said...

You can't win them all :)

Palmoni said...

APWR will be OK. Every time they have earnings they miss--and I didn't think they would do it again, but they did, nevertheless they did talk about big orders for wind turbines at about 4.8 million apiece i think and 30 or so and re-affirmed for the balance of the year and they also had $128 million in cash

They tried knocking it down today, but it's fighting back and the company now has the cash to execute

I'm just sitting with it as I think next quarter will be the break-out that the bulls want and those that thought the stock would completely breakdown on this miss will I think, be proven wrong

Palmoni said...

I think everyone is throwing their money in C at these prices and leaving some of these other names like HBAN alone

especially after Cramer told everyone to sell C two days ago--now they are scrambling to put their position back on!

And now when C trades higher, Cramer will say he was all over it at 3.7, just like Doug Kass with his "sell the market" call!!

Anonymous said...

are you still holding hban?

Palmoni said...

No I sold it--which makes me think it will probably go up.

But don't look at me--I put that money in calls on AIG

Anonymous said...

sorry...maybe i missed a why is AIG still on a tear...especially today?

palmoni said...

I didn't post the sell of HBAN because I did it this morning, and I didn't think it was worthwhile selling down here, unless you had an opportunity cost of money.

And I just wanted to throw that into something else because I'm still stuffed with a lot of inventory!