Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cashin on CNBC

Art Cashin, one of the best, is on CNBC again, and is still being dour, as he has been through-out this rally.

Remember when Kiplinger magazine was touting the recovery? "Cash In" And the magazine was selling at 75% off? Because no-one bought it?

And that time, I said this:

Now compare that to Art Cashin, on CNBC, one of the most respected traders with a pulse on the market. He is rather dour, and still sees downside. No one is discounting what he says by 75%. Which means, that this time, Art is probably on the wrong side of the trade.

CNBC viewership is down so they trot out Amanda Drury with some black lace on her blouse, making viewers think they may be getting a bra not a blouse.

It looks like that is CNBC's new cashin' in strategy.

Because Art's hasn't worked!

Even though he is absolutely one of the best of all time!