Friday, August 28, 2009

INTC increases numbers

DELL beats last night.

Quick --Where's PIMCO's Pimps?

The ones advertising a "sugar high?"

The ones who said the market hit a "wall?"

The ones who said we would have a decade of "sub-par equity returns?"

Where are they?

They're hiding.

Because they just got "bitch-slapped" by the market!


Anonymous said...

Man I sold my nvda too early

palmoni said...


I kicked it out at 13.80 darn it--I lost patience with it!

It's the principle of it that kills me. I can make the dollar up anywherebut I should of been more patient because now it is getting the mo-mo folks involved!

But that's Wall Street for you.

They try and get you out early!

And I didn't sell it for fundamental reasons but just because of my own impatience!

Maybe it's time for an option play!

Anonymous said...

why did FACT drop so much ?

Anonymous said...

You playing any GCI calls? If it's really going to pop to 12 the calls look cheap here.

Palmoni said...

I have GCI calls but on FACT I think it was the deal they made with Trubion (TRBN) for the leukemia drug TRU-16 they are working on.

FACT is putting in $10 million and has milestone payments etc.

I don't know that drug TRU-016. I'm working on it now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Palmoni...saw the news on the new FACT drug...let us know if FACT is a keeper after this. or still worth a hold to the 14-17 range