Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last week, we found out that ATM's now dispense £5 notes.

Bank Machine has installed the first ever £5 note-only cash machine in East London. The company says the free-to-use stand-alone unit is the first of a national network of machines that will be rolled out in the coming months that will all exclusively dispense £5 notes - the smallest denominated bank note in the UK.

And people leave items at the check-out lines--an estimated 25% now ditch items.

The recession is creating a new headache for retailers - abandoned shopping carts. Penny-pinching Americans are getting cold feet at the checkout - ditching items before they're rung up.

In the workforce saving money and being frugal is called "productivity." When mainstream America does it, it's presented in the press as an alarming harbinger of impending doom.

Oh my--the world economy won't survive if the consumer doesn't buy junk from China that they don't need!

Maybe that's why China is taking down commodities!


Anonymous said...

I don’t understand why people go to the grocery store to just leave the shopping kart filled with food… you either need food or you don’t!

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