Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revisiting a post

A while back, their was a rather unusual cryptic post on this blog, and you could go back and look at this piece, "What's Molech have to do with Madagascar" and think it's nonsense.

But is it?

Let's look at it.

After all isn't this "Madagascar?"

And isn't this where Madagascar's picture came from?

And wasn't that McCartney's fifth album? And wasn't the track, that Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me?) on that album, lasting 5 minutes and 50 seconds? And isn't 5 the number of the gift? And wasn't that post written at 5:55? And wasn't the price of the stock 5.55 on the Reuters report?

And isn't the surface temperature of the sun 5500 degrees Centigrade? And doesn't the heat come from the corona?

And isn't that the "puzzle" that astronomers don't know? How the corona is so much hotter than the surface of the sun?

But first, isn't this the Canaanite god Molech?

And aren't their seven sacrifices, and one being turtle doves? And wasn't it an abomination, because of the sacrifice of the innocents?

But didn't I write about the "bird lady" who saved the unborn yellow haired parakeet from the serpent?

And isn't she from Colombia?

The serpent didn't steal life from her!

And in Greek mythology, wasn't it when the gods got pissed that the Bull was born, but wasn't it a minotaur--head of a Bull with a tail, and body of man, and didn't he hang out on the island of Knossos?

And didn't Knossos have a huge underground labyrinth?

And wasn't that a puzzle?

So we have the puzzle of the corona, and the puzzle of the labyrinth.

And isn't gnosis in Greek, knowledge that is intuitive, which differs from belief versus faith?

And wouldn't by seeing, you would then know more, than by just believing?

Now isn't this the constellation Corona Borealis?

And isn't the minotaur story is in the constellation Corona Borealis? The constellation of the golden crown?

And didn't the yellow haired parakeet, that was saved, have a golden crown?

And after the daughter of Theseus, who slew the minotaur, didn't then the god Bacchus grab her crown at the wedding and throw it in the sky? Or it is the golden crown of the Messiah, or the crown that King Asheurus gave to Esther? Because since God's name wasn't written in the book of Esther, the story is written in the heavens?

But didn't Picasso have his exhibit "The Minotaur" at the Antioquia museum in Medellin, which ends August 9th, which is right across from the La Plaza Botero?

And what would be inside on the far west wall? Covering the entirety of it? Drawn by Picasso?

Wouldn't it be this minotaur, drinking wine, drawn by Picasso?

Which brings me back to Wings "Band on the Run" album and the track Picasso's last words, "Drink to me!"

Bacchus would be proud.

The minotaur from Picasso, is at Colombia. And didn't the golden crown in the heavens come from Bacchus throwing it to the heavens? Oh what the minataur has wrought!

So if I was looking for an undiscovered gold stock, that could be 10 or 20 bagger, whose name reminded me of a Minotaur, then, you would understand what Molech would have to do with Madagascar.

Because after all, isn't one of my favorite blogs, AuH2O designs? Wouldn't AuH2O then be "Goldwater?"

And isn't that, what alluvial mining also is?

The play, by definition is a spec, but with the completion of it's recent acquisitions, it could be sitting on assets that probably amount to hundred times its current market cap---but those assets need to be taken from the ground.

And that's an expensive undertaking.

And the company needs a new board of directors, more financial controls, and more upper management, but what they do have is assets. Billions and billions buried in the ground-with over a million acres and a few more million heading their way.

Of both the gold and platinum variety.

It's a story that needs to be played out, but it's also a story only for those patient, but it's also a story with assets that people don't know about, because they haven't done their homework, or research, or their due diligence to find out.

Because you'd have to go to Colombia to do it.

What's it worth?

I'm not hazarding a guess, but that first post, and this, are both written at the same time.

The number of the gift!

And at these prices, it's a gift that can be multiplied many times over!


Anonymous said...

You should of been a Seinfield writer - the journey as written would even bring wonder to Larry David...


Anonymous said...

WTF? You are sounding like like that Reinhardt guy.


Anonymous said...

Hey is the current stock price .60 on pink sheets and the company located in Austrailia? Just wanna know if I found it, I love your riddles :P

Anonymous said...

Nevermind! I reread your post for the 5th time and I finally found it! Damn this felt like a treasure scavenger hunt!

Anonymous said...

This company has barely any cash. The stock is trading well above "book value" so those who are in the stock know about the deposits. On the yahoo forum someone said they are sitting on over 4 million recoverable ounce of platinum and tens of millions ounces of gold. Is this true??

I am wondering, how much money would they need to get an operation like that going?

Man if I had a little more money I would be booking a trip down to the mine to see it myself!

Palmoni said...

Palmoni said...
In reference to the company that you mentioned that was on the yahoo forum. Let's look at the SEC filing today:

With the dramatic improvement in the political and economic climate in Colombia and the recent influx of foreign investment and activities, management feels that the political and socioeconomic environment are sufficiently secure to now deploy substantial capital towards proving out the gold reserves in the licenses and commencing mining operations at a number of them in the short term... As such, the Gold Mining Entities have acquired and are in development of multiple concessions which eventually is planned to be in excess of over 1.2 million acres in Colombia.

Deploy substantial capital? Why would that be in a SEC filing, unless substantial capital is available?

Doing your own diligence is expensive--It will cost you about $8500 just to take a helicopter to fly around...

Or you could just wait and see if things develop.

All I can say is that homework needs to be done.

But I think the cost of the homework is well worth it.

And if I gave you my opinion, you would think I'm hyping the story.

But I'm not going to hype anything.

This, like anything I mention is a speculation. A lot of things could go wrong, or a few things could go right.

But if a few things go right you could make many multiplies on your money.

But you need completed audits to assess that risk.

And if a few things could go wrong, the outcome would be different.

That's what makes a market.

And if the story is real, real people will get involved.

Anonymous said...

2 questions Palmoni if you have time, you said it would require patience, i.e: over 5 yrs? Also, its very illiquid, barely anything on offer.. could be difficult taking stock..Cheers & Thanks

Palmoni said...

I think down here you build a position..and as for time to get many multiples..I think you'll have 10X within two years

It's an investment I have many trades that I advertise evry day.

This isn't one of those ideas.

For example--remember this news a few days back?

Why is Mineros looking outside Colombia?

Maybe because the acreage in Colombia already has been tied up by this little gem!

Anonymous said...

anyone have a ticker symbol?

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I remember in an earlier post that you had access to some maps of the area. In your own opinion, what is a low ball estimate on the reserve of gold and platinum this company is sitting on? I see potential, but the fact it's located in Columbia requires extreme caution.

To the other poster, the name of the company is in the posting! :P

Palmoni said...

My opinion of estimates?

4-6 million oz plat
50-100+ million ounces gold

But those estimates don't mean anything--They can't develop that--but what they can dredge, they can develop

and you can't tie the acreage up forever w/o drilling.

There isn't a question of the asset richness--you can see the mines next to the properties that have been dug and and barren by "Colombian pirates" crudely taking out millions of ounces of gold, and you can extrapolate the value by geological samples, and the adjoining properties developed by the majors and all the collected data.

and you can throw a hollow pipe in the ground, pour out the sediment and gravel in water, slosh it, wash it, swirl the water around and let the sediment settle, and you'll see the flakes of gold

because does anyone really think that the miners out there had special maps from the Colombian ministry?

they went digging in the ground, after they had already came in and excavated the burial grounds--that's where the first gold was taken--just a fraction of that gold has ended up in the bogota gold museum!

but does anybody think some of these pirates would truck over to the colombian mining ministry and tell them we have some pottery shards, so therefore we aren't going to do any digging because we've run into a burial site?

the issue with the co isn't the assets but it needs some audits, and some official geological estimates for public investors

but who needs public investors when someone privately can find out what they have?

and I would also assume, private money would want to develop the acreage and not tell the world about it.

so how are they going to pull that off? they need the relationships with the Colombian people and the Colombian govt.

that's something this company has. what is the intangible worth of that?

and how about security? There's a reason some of the greatest collection of natural resources in some places hasn't been developed!

but when you're down there, you can smell the gold, you can smell the money, and you can by the eyes watching you, that they know you are smelling the gold

and I have a feeling that Wall Street also will soon be on to the scent

Anonymous said...

MGOL! That's the stock! I found it

Anonymous said...

some bunny has a good nose

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I would like to thank you personally for even mentioning this company. You are doing a fantastic job on the blog and it’s been a great privilege for just reading the information you are giving out. I feel almost part of the “insider” club, hah!

Here's my last question... well probably not :P

If I were the company, I wouldn't want to announce to the world what I have. So, why is this company even publicly traded?

I did some quick DD and found that this company was making boats and selling it on the internet and now their business plan changed quickly. They are also merging with some other companies that I assume hold the land titles. Was the whole boat story just a front to hide what they were really doing?

I looked at their recent balance sheet and the company has about $240k cash on hand. I’m betting that isn’t enough to get a decent operation going. I’m assuming there is private money or even current shareholders willing to dough out money in new equity offerings in an instant since the market cap is $100 million.

I’m just trying to figure out who are the shareholders in this company. Management got replaced, so I’m guessing it wasn’t management who held the shares. My last thought is how will shareholders extract any value from the company? Is it through dividends? I bet the company doesn’t want to reinvest too much of its cash flow since the political climate can change in a hurry and you lose out on the infrastructure.

Palmoni said...

the company, as it exists now was always a gold company--It was just merged into a shell

current shareholders (all 26 of them)put in close to 30 million so far

and shareholders in the previous boat shell got nothing

the gold companies that were merged into this company, are who the current shareholders and they are smart wealthy sophisticated people

in regards to the colombian environment

how could they have access to million+ acres of gold producing land unless they were friendly with the Colombian govt?

and wouldn't that company then have an advantage over the other companies that are just interested in raping and pillaging the land versus a company that the colombian people know and understand--who the people trust instead of the outside mega billion market cap companies?

and if you spent 7 years acquiring all the land under different entities, while understanding the colombian people; land the majors would desperately want--what is that worth?

Remember 20 years ago or so when Peru was only producing 50 tons of gold a year? They changed mining techniques and now they produce in excess of 400 tons per year and Peru now did like 7.5% of world gold production last year

isn't colombia in that same position because all the mining companies had left because of security concerns?

so what happens when colombia embraces modern mining techniques?

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