Thursday, March 4, 2010

PETA wants Knut's nuts! The bears can't catch a break!!

Knut has become a powerful (if not controversial) symbol of what this planet has to lose to global warming .

And PETA says he should be castrated and not be allowed to breed with Giovanna, a lady bear on loan from Munich Zoo.

Frank Albrecht, head of the German branch of PETA says:
“They have a common grandfather, Olaf, and they are therefore cousins.”
It’s incest! In Germany incest laws are fierce. They have no royal family in Germany, nor want of one.
“The basic idea is that people who look like each other, for example brothers and sisters, are attracted to each other,” says Professor Roland Littlewood, a psychiatrist and social anthrop-ologist at University College, London. “Under normal circumstances, of course, you are brought up in close contact with these people and at some point the attraction mechanism somehow gets switched off. The sexual attraction between the siblings or family members is lost.”
Not for Knut, then. Says Albrecht:
“A long term co-habitation between Giovanna and Knut is only feasible if Knut is castrated.”


Anonymous said...

Someone should castrate PETA... :P

Anonymous said...

Bears have been castrated. Completely.

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