Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let it Ride!!

Oh My! The bears are scrambling! And now they'll have to cover the shorts they laid out last week, trying to make the market charts say something!

And now, we have all these folks that want to be "prudent" and tell you to lighten up or be cautious, when the prudent course is to just "Let it Ride!"

It's time to get paid!

This market, after all is child's play.

It's just not in Wall Street's interest for you not to panic!

But it is always the same. It's some worthless, rehashed story, brought out by some rehashed pimp or pimpee on CNBC, pretending they are full of gravitas, when in fact, they are only full of sh*t!

Because on Wall Street, it's the prices on the screen that count! That's the story you want!

The same old tired old hands who said to sell at 760, 840, 920, 1000, 1040, 1111, and 1140 will come up with stories again, when in fact we are heading to 1440 on the S&P as I advertised and have been advertising!

So what will they say then?

Heck, today Meredith and Nouriel couldn't even make a prediction? They couldn't even make a prediction? They don't even have the courage of their conviction?

Time to get out some depends!

This market is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

But sometimes, that isn't so bad.

Check out hands Elmo.

He has his own version of a milkshake!

And for you bears brimming with your hubris--maybe they should check out what Wells Fargo said this morning about forecasting!

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