Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What do you got bears?

What do you got?

How about it Rosie--a mea culpa? But at least Rosie is the smartest of the bears--he's been wrong, but he made people money in bonds, and fixed income--and Gluskin doesn't have a heart attack if God forbid, you actually publish what they wrote on the web! I nominate Rosie as the best bear!

How about it Meredith  Whitney--what do you got? How about it? On your last time on CNBC, you said your advice is only to your clients? Heck, just give us what you give to Client 9!

How about it Nouriel Roubini? Have you had your fun in the car? What do you got?

How about it El-Erian--PIMCO's "new normal" Panda Bear--what do you got?

What do you got?

You got NOTHING!!!


whydibuy said...

Ya think Whitney still has all of nine clients left??

Well, you are a unsinkable optimist.

palmoni said...

Unless Client 9 was visiting Devon James!