Friday, March 26, 2010

Last year's "Depression" is this year's "Double Dip!"

Remember them last year? How did that work? I chronicled that scam from the bears so many times, it almost isn't worth repeating.

That earnings would take 20 years to recover? How did that work?

How about the 6,251 days the charts supposedly said it would take before we recover to new highs?

How about it? How did that work?

Now that they can't sell the Depression, they try and sell the double dip!

Or the "new normal." How did that work?

Or the blow up of the carry trade. How did that work?

Or PIIGS, or Portugal, or Greece, or the euro, or health care.
Sometimes you need to take a closer look at the picture that Wall Street is spinning!

Just like in politics!

When they blow their smoke your way!


Anonymous said...

what does it take for MGM to hit 13? it's been stuck in this higher range and hasn't been able to break through.

also, are you holding APWR for earnings?

Anonymous said...

Still feel good about MPG?

Palmoni said...

Yes looking to pick up some more MPG right around here

MGM had a good presentation today. Check their website, and you'll see the inherent upside leverage under investors and then presentations.

Holding APWR

Anonymous said...

that picture is too funny! I hope Rush doesn't see it, or he'll be taking his blue pills

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