Sunday, March 21, 2010

The 80s and ripped jeans are back

And further proof comes by way of two words: acid-washed denim.

Oh, we’re not calling it that now? That’s right. It’s “distressed” or “tie-dyed,” and it sells for a very un-’80s price: upwards of $200 a pair from labels such as Citizens of Humanity and Rock & Republic. But make no mistake — that denim is acid-washed, and Tiffany would’ve been proud to squeeze into a pair before taking the stage at a suburban mall.

In fact, we hit the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island and found countless reminders of the ’80s sported by current shoppers. Thirteen-year-old Bria Noone had on a pair of highly frayed acid-washed jeans, and 15-year-old Frankie Costa, with his spiked hair and arms full of bracelets, could easily sit in as a character in a John Hughes movie (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” back row of economics class).

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