Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who sold LVS yesterday???

Current state of construction at Marina Bay sands

Nice sale LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

With 50 million shares sold short????

See you at 22 and 23 next week!!


Anonymous said...

That has to hurt, haha!

Anonymous said...

too bad i sold my mgm in high 10s to gamble on jtx...i picked up apwr ...hopefully there is somemovement there.

will mgm move like lvs going forward? today they did but lvs has more stuff going on in asia

Palmoni said...

I think MGM goes to 22 this year

Anonymous said...

How do you get 22 on MGM?

Palmoni said...

Come on the stock is totally depressed!!! And not only that, Goldman has a price target of 16--why is that ? because they had upped their estimates on EV/EBITDA to12X their estimates--but why should they be at 12X estimates when you are at trough and deep down trough estimates? Heck MGM could trade at 14X--and numbers could go up huge.

Not only that, but they raised $800 million --so no big deal on finances, and the last quarter was the last puke quarter you would see.

Now Macau has tightened things up-that will help MGM--and think of this General Growth GGP was at like at .50 when you had this massive real estate scare--now it's at 15. Doesn't anybody think MGM's properties won't be worth a heck of a lot more now? And how about the Macau spinoff? What will that do to valuations? Heck with the scarcity, and then, with the better business environment--MGM's story will be solid.

Screw all these HFT traders who don't know their head from their ass--Everyday I see a market dominated by traders that are the biggest pussies I have ever seen. No one has any conviction, because all these clowns never do enough research on the names they own. They are all just numbers.

Well, that game is up. pretty soon this market will just absolutely rip the lungs out of all these pikers that are still short--and pretty soon, we won't hear a pipe from Nouriel Roubini, or we won't see Meredith's mug on TV, telling us her bullshit--because quite frankly that is what ist is--If these jokers can't recognize what will happen in the future then why in the heck are the gracing the airwaves with their nonsense?

And I think the Fed, for all its crookedness and giveaways to the bankers, understands that the economy isn't as strong as the stats say it is. How could they not? They are letting every bank freeload?

And since unemploymen t takes so long to recover--but make no mistake we will be adding 300,000 jobs going forward--and all the catcalls of 11% unemployment are just a mirage--and the idea that every city and Government worker is the only person in America that has a job that the country wants to have is just another joke perpetuated by the Wall Street bear scam.

Screw it, let them have their pensions--take 18% a year for the next nine years in the markets and nobody will complain.

And before you think that I am a complete lunatic for that number--heck here's some you should think about-On the latest Russell Report

1930 to 1939 ..... Annualized return for the S&P 500..... +0.0%
1940 to 1949 ..... +9.2%
1950 to 1959 .......+19.4%
1960 to 1969..... +7.8%
1970 to 1979 .....+ 5.9%
1980 to 1989.....+ 17.5%
1990 to 1999......+18.2%
2000 to 2009.... -0.9%

And I'm just ranting because I guess I need to rant. Every day, I have to fight with these bears, that are fighting yesterday's battle.

And everyone brings up the same old tired arguments. heck, they think since the S&P had a triple top last week--that the market would roll-over. How stupid is that?

You are going to tell me that people aren't going to shop at Whiole Foods or Nordstrom's or get thier Starbucks coffee because some chartwatcher thinks we have a triple top?

Give me a fr*ckin break!

The consumer has already had it up to here with frugality--Frugality fatique has already hit the uber wealthy. they are spending. And when you start throwing in the 300K jobs a month that this economy wiill be producing Joe Sixpack will join in!

Heck since we are speaking Vegas language, I'll give you what 22 for MGM is--it's the Lock of the Year!

Everyone on Wall Street should go dig up their old DVD's and watch Let it Ride, because sometimes markets let you go all in, and then they pay you!

That time is now!

let her ride!

Sam said...

Whoa! After that rant, no one can ever accuse you of *not* speaking your mind.

A ST pullback would be an ideal opportunity to get in. The market is overbought (14 up days in a row!) after all.

Anonymous said...

About damn time that you unloaded both barrels!

I've noticed an "edge" in your postings lately, and now I understand why.

Keep up the good work bro!