Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nouriel Roubini makes an appearance on CNBC

Roubini was on CNBC this morning, and he wouldn't make a prediction.

Looks like the stock market shut him up also!

Joe Kernan: "Nouriel we are at 1150 on the S&P. What's fair value?"

: "I don't want to predict right now."

Another bear, bites the dust.

And Roubini with the plaster cast vaginas on his walls? How is that working out? Since Wall Street only loves a winner?

Well, it seems like he was spotted  in a van working on his portfolio!


Sam said...

Looks like you are back with a vengeance. Was getting kinda quiet around here ;)

Palmoni said...

haha it was!

Anonymous said...

Yah he was hard at work with his portfolio in the suv lol!!

Anonymous said...

what's the next stop on the S&P...what are your thoughts with PRGN? is it just never going to move? pays a nice 4% Div IMO

Anonymous said...

Palmoni & Anno,

Thoughts on CCME? They have been trading within a range...hitting high 12s then back to 11s....earnings coming next week...is it worth a hold? or should i sell within this "higher" range to buy back later?

Anonymous said...

I'm still holding ccme from the warrants I bought long ago. I think we'll see a positive reaction from the conference call next week.

Palmoni said...

holding CCME also and its pretty hard to find any upside resistance on the S&P right now but these Fed days are always loopy