Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dentist uses paper clips for root canals in Massachusetts

And he bills Medicaid for the most expensive parts that he substitued with the paper clips!

A former Massachusetts dentist is accused of placing paper clips instead of stainless steel posts inside the teeth of root canal patients while billing Medicaid for the more expensive parts.

The state attorney general announced Tuesday that a grand jury indicted former Fall River dentist Michael Clair last week. The charges include assault and battery, larceny, submitting false claims to Medicaid and illegally prescribing drugs.

Prosecutors say Clair was suspended by Medicaid in 2002. He allegedly hired other dentists for his clinic and filed claims under their numbers between August 2003 and June 2005. He's also accused of illegally prescribing drugs to staffers who returned medications to him.


Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuuuude a little warning befoe slapping a picture like that would be nice! I almost spit out my dinner, hah.

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Jeffrey Hollister said...

That's scary and the picture is just gross. Thank goodness I have just finished my root canal last week with a professional Greenville, SC dentist before seeing this picture. I couldn't probably continue with the procedure if I have seen this prior to my procedure. Anyway, I hope Michael Clair gets the sentence he deserves and that the patients are okay. I'm lucky that the Greenville, SC dentists are highly skilled and qualified professionals so I'm not worried about the quality of their treatments.

Randy Deaver said...

That is so unethical! I frequently visit our family dentist and upon sharing this story he immediately had this jaw-dropping expression towards an unprofessional tooth doctor. I'm lucky enough to have an expert and a ethical doctor who's about to do my dental implants. Lexington, SC is the right place for me to see a dentist.

Anonymous said...

It looks like he bit off more than he could chew! He really should take lessons on how to hold an axe! Duck next time, that bullet could have killed you..

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