Monday, March 8, 2010

Name One!!!!!!!

So what are the bears on the stock market and the economy saying now????

That say we will re-visit the lows?

Next time, they tell you that, ask them instead, to tell you just one stock that will revisit the March  lows.

Will APPL do it? Go to 82?

How about BAC?  Is that going to 3?

How about JPM? Is that going to 18?

How about IBM? Is that going to 80?

How about WFC? Is that going to 9?

How about GE? Is that going to 6?

How about MSFT? Is that going to 14?

Those seven stocks are in the top 11 weightings on the S&P 500 index. Can any bear make the case for one of these stocks revisiting the lows?

They can't! Not for even ONE stock!

Yet they want you to believe that they can then, in the aggregate, make the case for 500 stocks revisiting the lows!!

In a re-test! 

How insane, ridiculous, and just stupid is that??

And if they really believe it, then, why then, aren't they buying some way out of the money puts at no cost on these names?

Well, why would they?

When these bears can't even make the case for ONE!


Anonymous said...

when BAC as 50 how would you answer a question: is BAC going to $3? Thats what i thought, genious

Anonymous said...

Hey other Anonymous--when BAC was $3 how would answer a question: is BAC going to $16? should have loaded up.

yes, it is true BAC can go back to $3, it is also possible that apple will go to $13--anything is possible. Who knows, maybe in 15 years apple will be bankrupt, or maybe it will be $400. Maybe I also shouldn't visit Pearl Harbor, since maybe it will get bombed again--

bad things happened before, so why not again? BOO! Surely you can make a better case than that--

Now, let's start again:

Can any bear MAKE THE CASE for one of these stocks revisiting the lows?

Palmoni said...


Well said!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The second anon - you do not know shit where what when will go. And you answered your own question, quoting: "yes, it is true BAC can go back to $3". Do i need to make any stronger case for it?