Friday, March 5, 2010

Meredith Whitney to get +ive again on Goldman?

That's the word on the street.


Anonymous said...

are we breaking out or is 1150 still our resistence?

also. do you have any $5 baggers worth a look?


Anonymous said...

do you know why the columbian co took a big beating today? down 20%

Anonymous said...

Did u notice CNO go--it's on a roll. stay in, go long I say- whatcha think?--and is C next for an up?

so sad i sold X at 52 for a very small gain, but now it's back up past 58 which would have meant me having much more change

C, X and EXC. Look into your crystal ball, tell me what do u see?

Palmoni said...

C higher
X getting tired
EXC i like

Anonymous said...

do you think JTX will have good earnings to push the stock a little?