Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Housing shortgages????

Read it and weep bears!

Now the bears have "headline" risk!


whydibuy said...

Holy crap, batman!!

Some backwater town of 6200 may need a few more houses.
Clearly an indication nationwide.


As you said about Mi., no one gives a shit about some jerkwater, redneck town.
This is a big country. I'm sure you can find lots of examples of some end of the road town short on housing.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni...are we running up against resistenance. i was actually getting ready to pull triggers on CNO, JBLU, C but man they have been running.

what are your thoughts?

Palmoni said...

Resistance--No--We are now breaking out! Yesterday was the fake out to pretend that the market was hitting resistance. Those that laid out the shorts are now scrambling to cover, as the selling yesterday was from "those" making it look like--one year later--from the bottom we top.


Anonymous said...

would you buy C right now?

any other picks?

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on CCME heading in earnings?

Anonymous said...

new about the drilling today. Zaragoza Project...any other insight you can provide?

Palmoni said...

that drilling info is just the microscopic tip of what is going on--and that small little project has 400-700,000 ounces of gold

Anonymous said...

Nice, the company finally released an investor's presentation!

You think the company will start becoming promotional or keep quiet until they line up all the paper work?

Palmoni said...

In the investor presentation they said the Zaragoza Project is flanked by the World's largest alluvial gold mining project

well that isn't one timny fraction of the story

they said 2010 will mark major advances in proven resources

in the press release it said that preliminary have shown grades of over 400mg/m3

well the map that I had shown a while back, shows 4X that but those numbers are too high too put in a presentation!

Anonymous said...

what are your plans and target for JTX tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Hey Palmoni,

I remember those graphs that you showed a while back. I'm not surprised they didn't show them in the presentation! So what is your ball park estimate of the ore that is recoverable from this tiny project? I recall you mentioning that they drilled 10% of the project and found 400k.... =P