Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A word on NVDA

This number reports on the 6th, and I've been touting this number since June 1 at 10.43.

Here's what you can expect when they report. They should expand margins above 33%, easily beating the $709 million estimates. I think they'll do in excess of $800 million the next quarter; a revenue number not in Wall Street's models.

Two weeks after I touted NVDA, they spoke positively about their margins at a conference, and I think those that have been holding this name can make some coin when they report.

Because that's where the street's concern is.


Anonymous said...

i've been holding since 10.85...do you think it's worth holding through the call into next qtr?

Palmoni said...

yes--I think it trades over 14 after earnings--and they've been cautious, but now they have been singing a different tune

so we should get raised guidance and a higher number