Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Now what?

So we broke 1000 on the S&P. What's next? How about the NAZ? It's up 34%, and my predictions months ago that we would be up 40% for the year made when we were down close to 30% was looked at as just being foolhardy.

I'll take that foolishness any day of the week.

But what was more ironic, on the day that the S&P was supposedly manipulated, when the NAZ was up 13% YTD, and when I said that it would be up 43%, for the year, and when anyone could see that that was going to happen, that post, was laughed at by the bears. Maybe it was because famed bond king manager, Bill Pimco, had warned the world that we are going to have "sub-par" returns in equities for years to come!

Some may bought that story but many didn't.

You should read it again.

Because now, there are still many stocks that should be selling at 3X their current prices, and some are even more ridiculous. In fact, I have found a gold play, that according to the work that I have done on it, has a discounted asset value at almost 10X it's current price.

Why are these opportunities available?

Because few yet believe. And few yet think those returns are available!

Give me a break!

The S&P has moved 50% from it's lows, and you can't find five and ten baggers?

That's because everyone is still just playing hot potato with stocks, and just traders and momentum folks are riding this wave, when in fact there are names that the traditional investor should just buy and hold and put away instead of trading and looking at the ticker.

I'm mobile though, and have been living on planes, so I'll get back to this, but I just can't believe that the only pumpers that CNBC has is Dennis Kneale and Larry Kudlow.

It makes me gag to be in that group, but why doesn't Goldman or Barclays put out a spin on the economy, that would give CNBC viewers or Bloomberg watchers the intellectual argument of why things need to be so much higher?

But they wouldn't do that.

Because their information is so proprietary!


Anonymous said...

Care to share that gold play of yours? :D

Palmoni said...

I will shortly--It's a completely undiscoverd play that trades on the bulletin board, that has assets the majors would die for--and they have flown completely under the radar because they have acquired the titles and claims surreptiously over the last 7 years, and have only recently started production.

They also have one of the largest platinum deposits in the world.

I have comparisions of the data from the mines that are proximate to theirs, and the amount of gold that they have drawn out, and courtesy of some Govt. officials, I was able to see what their estimates of the data were.

When I finish my work on it, I'll mention it.

And it won't be after it makes a move--but before it does!