Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The return of "Oh my!"

Today's sell-off is just another ground-hog day for the bears.

We get a couple hecklers of some politicians, and they'll tell the world that the US will soon be embroiled in civil unrest. Oh my--sell!

We get a couple stories of tent cities under bridges in the WSJ, and then the bears tell us we will have a W, instead of a V. Oh my--sell!

And all these traveling town hall meetings are just another joke from these politicians. Oh my-sell!

And in honor of all the bears that think we can't get out of this mess, unless we have a biblical jubilee, and forgive all the debt we have built up, I went to a show last night in Vegas called "Jubilee."

And that identifies our current malaise in the market.

The similarity between the show and the White House was subtle, but you would be able to pick it up! The men and the women dancers looked like they used Obama's waxer!

And now his honeymoon is over. No more shirtless picture from Hawaii, or basketball pick-up games, as football season is on deck!

And the "Jubilee" show was as exciting as the latest performance has been from the White House, as I fell asleep during the show!

So ignore those that cry "Oh my--sell!"

They'll soon be as forgettable as the show!

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