Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Paulson ups stake in BAC

He now owns 168 million shares.


Anonymous said...

One of the early bears now turns bullish! Man he loaded up financials after making a bloody killing by shorting them hah!

Hey Palmoni, you have any ideas what is the share float that isn't owned by the 26 investors for that spec stock in Colombia? Thanks!

Palmoni said...

he was good! bearish when you were supposed to be bearish, and then bullish when you were supposed to be bullish.

But I still think he got a call from the Fed's to get bullish in my conspiratorial mind-ala the ROH merger--I think they laid out the story for him!

After all didn't it happen on March 9? The same day Buffett was on television? You knew the Feds were bringing out the big guns!

I don't think there is much stock out at all but I'd have to look into the public filings to get a hard number

Anonymous said...

Yeah the government has a huge incentive to get the market up. Make enough people believe in a recovery, and a recovery happens!

I've been seeing people claim that the S&P is trading at a 140 P/E ratio. It's almost unbelievable to hear people make those kind of claims, but hey I'll be more than happy to sell my shares back to them at a higher price :P

With that spec play, you reckon the available shares is below 1 million? I know the 26 shareholders won't be selling if they spent 7 years acquiring the land and are now about to begin production.