Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flipping WYNN

I touted WYNN at 35, then at 42, and retouted it at 47, saying that I thought it could run to 66, but I don't like how this number has traded the last few days and I'm flipping it here at 59.

It's a double off of the low of 29, made just a month and a half ago, and I want to keep my wynning streak alive!

No snake eyes here!


Anonymous said...

are you still holding mgm?

steve said...


You rock. You must be 300-400% up on the year. Can we get a couple of new recommendations in a new post from you? Many thanks.

Palmoni said...

Holding MGM and LVS!!

Just needed to take some WYNN off the table because the stock was acting funny.

Yeh I'll get some more action, but its this living on planes that is killing me!

I'll put out some new ideas