Saturday, August 1, 2009

The desperation of the bears increases

Look at David's Rosenberg's latest chart. Oh my! We are heading into a Depression--and stock prices are going to fall off a cliff!

Really? And this passes as analysis??

Look at Clusterstock yesterday. Another "Oh my" chart! Run for the hills. The sky is falling! And the title, "Shades of 1929"

The same story. Wow. What an original idea!

From the low of the crash of 1987, to the high in 2000, the S&P moved 666%.

Why doesn't anyone mention those figures, since we bottomed at 666 in the S&P?

Because 666.666 x 666.666=4,444 and no bear wants to admit that is where the S&P can go.

In the same 3,141 trading days that it took last time.

That's the pi chart the bears should consider!

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Anonymous said...

Really? These people use old charts and try to compare it to today's and try to predict what's going to happen? Jesus, I hope these people go broke because that must be the stupidiest shit I've ever seen.