Monday, March 1, 2010

Subpoenas for euro/Greece rumor-mongerers?

As of last night, a variety of financial firms have received subpoenas seeking information on collusion to short the euro. We are currently pursuing more information and will post once we get it. Certainly sovereign CDS traders can not be far behind (especially those who traded with a less than bullish bias over the past month) from the wrath of the Greek, Spanish and British secret services, and now - various US legal and criminal administrations, which are currently convinced that it is just speculators who are at fault for 15 years of fraudulent eurozone budgetary presentations and countless bond offerings based on fake financials,  finally coming to the fore.

Get on board the bullish bandwagon or risk the wrath of the regulators!!

Especially when the Fox that guards the henhouse is the Feds!

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