Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pelosi knew about Massa's tickling before she acknowledged it

This story never ends!

In October, Massa's chief of staff told Pelosi's office the then-congressman was living in a townhouse with some of his congressional aides and that he had used "strong" language that made them feel uncomfortable, the leadership aide said. The Massa aide, Joe Racalto, also voiced concern "about the way Massa runs the office" and added he had asked the congressman to move out of the townhouse, the aide said.

And more here:

Disgraced ex-Rep. Eric Massa insists he never sexually abused anyone, but he filled his Capitol Hill rowhouse with low-paid male staffers in an arrangement ripe for trouble.

"It's like he had people trapped," said a Hill source.

Sordid new details emerged yesterday of a pattern of behavior that went back to his 20 years as a naval officer, as ex-shipmates came forward to describe incidents of groping and perhaps worse.

After resigning, Massa called his "inappropriate" behavior a carryover from his Navy days.

He's using the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" defense!

The Massa house--don't bring a blacklight in there! CSI would have a field day!

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