Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bears on the run!!!


And these pikers pretended to the world that they were grizzlies, when they're just punks!

That's who the folks were that conned you out of your stocks!

But boy did they dress it up, didn't they?


Anonymous said...

where do we run from here?

are you playing gold?

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy it will it lasts. When Bernanke and the rest of the idiots in Washington and Wall Street are done with their bailouts and money printing, there can only be one final result. A completely destroyed dollar and an economic system that simply lay in ruins. Why? Because they don't want to see asset prices come down and correct naturally. Instead of encouraging policies that promote real productive investment in our economy, these fools continue to foment asset bubbles, which slowly but surely suck the life out of our economy. Look at what the US produces today. Not much.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy P, this has just been a day or two so far...

palmoni said...

Maybe its not real productive investment, butthe prices you can getfor selling stock are real, and the losses the shorts have betting against things are real also!


soory but its just ttough to contain this bullish exuberance!

you bears made things difficult for just a bit but payback is now a b*tch!

finally get paid on some things!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whew look at MGM!

And to think I almost bailed on my Feb 10s yesterday.

I'd be cryin' right now

Palmoni said...

I know! I was so worn out on that stock, I couldn't even address it.

I sold some puts on LVS as a hedge just in case!

They always make you sweat and try your patience!