Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John Deere runs over, smashes and crushes estimates!! And then raises the outlook!

Whoa Nellie!!!!!

How about that bears????

From the press release:

"We are clearly seeing benefit from efforts to win customers with advanced new products while taking cost and asset discipline to an even higher level."

The stock is trading at 58 on the pre-market!! And no-one wanted the February 55 calls at .52 cents!! Hah!!! I took them!!

Two weeks ago, this stock was advertised at 51.11. Along with CMI at 45, (which I flipped) CAT at 51.86, X at 45.58 and FCX at 68.82!

Whay happened bears to those names?

Another ramp to go with Kaboom!!!

And while I'm talking about those names, because I need to talk about them, because I won't hear one peep, or not one word, from the bears that said they were all going to roll over--did any of you bears on FCX see what is happening to gold?

Or how about copper.

Here's a chart.

What happened? People buying copper again?

That's the chart for all those folks that want to pin FCX at 75. Heck I want it pinned at 80!

So I'll pimp it!

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