Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are you kidding me???? Bernake is Time's Person Of The Year!

Well Ken Lewis got banker of the year----while driving BAC from 50 to 3 and into the hands of the taxpayer.

So where's Bernanke's gold crown--just like the one Ken got?


Anonymous said...


Time, and the bulk of the MSM's essentially a propaganda outlet for the House of Barry...

It's unfortunate having to invest the time necessary scouring the internet for any type of balance and/or objectivity relative to today's events and politics.

As an example; at lunch yesterday, and of the six people at our table, only two members of my party were even aware of "climategate". Everyone of the folks present all had their Masters degree, and in positions of prominence within their respective transportation companies.

Keep up the good work...


Palmoni said...

Ain't that how it is!!!