Friday, December 18, 2009

Moody's: Housing has bottomed

Their latest report:

“U.S. Homebuilding Industry Shows Signs of Stability”

 New home sales, affordability, housing starts, existing home sales and operating profits of homebuilders are all looking better.

Didn't Moody's get the Meredith Whitney memo? That home prices were going to fall another 25%?

How did that work? Oh that's right--I forgot--we were all going to be living in a cave by now!

I guess its not the Osama version!

And now, in technology, we have our own version of Meredith Whitney.

Jim Suva at Citigroup!!

Losers or Liars-----take your pick!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Myrx got hit because of the acqusition. What will this now do and how do I figure out the value? Everyone was holding since it was below cash but now that will probably change

Palmoni said...

It depends it seems on dyloject--I'm not familiar with it or the potential but I have a phenomenal physician network so I'll get back on what their opinion is

Anonymous said...

Thanks...what a curve ball.

Let us know what you hear.

Have a nice holidays!!