Saturday, December 19, 2009

False accuser drops her case against Gynecologist

And pays all the legal fees.

Earlier we heard how Bibi Giles said she was getting two knee buckling orgasms in 90 seconds on the gynecologist table, and accusing her Dr. of wanting to get into her pants outside the office.

Now she drops her case, as another Dr. came forward saying she pursued him also--and that Bibi Giles was just an attention seeking fantasist with an excessive libido, and her stories of her with Michael Jackson and Oprah were just stories.

Someone should of checked her medical records and seen how often she was getting gynecological checkups. There had to be more that a couple Dr.'s she was flashing in stirrups!

After all, she was having "medical issues" for 16 years!


Anonymous said...

Thats a problem. Medical records are private and not even a court can compell you to release them publicly.

What is a joke is how the accused is put through the legal and police wringer on nothing but a vague allegation. Thank goodness for the 5th amendment in this country.

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